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How to Catch, Clean and Cook BlowFish

Now that things have quieted down a bit on the Island I have more time to fish. I wanted to try something completely different than catching fluke from the beach like I have done all summer. So, I decided to go for Blowfish. I usually do not keep them but this time I decided that I was going to since I wanted to see how they tasted. I have heard they are very good and easy to fillet.

So, I set out near the bottom of low tide. I used Fish Bites Bag O’ Worms , and Fish’n Strips clams one on each hook with a regular Blowfish rig. I wanted to see if the Blowfish had any preferred scent; which they did not. I had an equal amount on both types of bait. In all I ended up catching about 15 in an hour and kept 10 of the biggest ones. Filleting them was not too hard and took about 20 minutes.

The next night I cooked the Blowfish. First, I cleaned up the filets. The belly had a bloodline and a fin that I removed which is shown in the second photo. I prepared them in a variety of ways. I did three versions in the frying pan: egg and flour, egg flour, breadcrumbs, and egg with pancake mix. All were then cooked in a preheated pan with oil (should have used more oil) and cooked on each side for 3-5 mins. I also prepared two filets in the air fryer after marinating them in a garlic herb sauce. Those were cooked for about 10 mins. They all came out very good but I have to say that the garlic herb was my favorite. The breadcrumb-coated ones were a close second. I felt like I was eating a chicken wing because they only have one spin bone with no rib cage so I ate it just like a wing. Click the Button below the photos to watch how I cleaned them!

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