FishHawk Charter Services 

Specializing in private one to six angler fishing trips, FishHawk Charters offers a fun and spacious fishing experience on the water. Contact us today to set up a trip you will never forget!*Tip Is Not Included for the mate. Mates work for tips which is 15-20% of the cost of the trip.* Click on the Fishing Report tab to see what we have been catching and make sure to follow us on Instagram to see all of our catches. 



 The main species targeted during a Bay trip will be Summer Flounder (fluke) and small Bluefish. Depending on the time of the year there will be opportunities to catch Weakfish, Striped Bass, and Blowfish. 

The main species  targeted during an Ocean trip will be Summer Flounder (fluke) and SeaBass. Ocean trips may be rescheduled or turn into a Bay Trip if the Seas are too rough. We do ask if you have never been in the ocean before that you consider doing a Bay Trip to avoid the chance of getting seasick. Every Trip will leave promptly at 7 am unless the Captain says otherwise. Prices below do not include the tip for the mate and are subject to change 

4 Hour Trip: $450 1-4 People
                       $550 5-6 People 

6 Hour Trip: $600 1-4 People 
                       $700 5-6 People 


Open Boat Fluke Trips  

Open boat trips are not private trips and are open to anyone. I will be taking a maximum of 4 people per trip. These types of trips are for people who can't get a group of their own together and aren't looking to pay full price to go alone. The cost of these trips will be between $100-$125. If you are interested in an open boat trip please text me your name and number at 201-774-7444. I have a group chat where I send out the trips information and you can book it right through the group chat. 


Trips will be offered during May, November, and December. There is no question it will be cold on these trips but the reward is worth it. During These trips, we will Troll if we have to but will otherwise Jig and throw lures. 1-4 People only. Prices below do not include the tip for the mate and are subject to change 

5 Hour Trip $550
6 Hour Trip $650
7 Hour Trip $750



Enjoy one of the best sunsets in New Jersey with a view of the Marshes as the sun goes down. Also, enjoy the Eco-Tours and see LBI and the surrounding area like never before

2 Hour Cruise  $250


 Booking & Payment 

  • Contact Captain Connor to discuss booking a trip

  • Payment options: Cash & Venmo 

  • Payment is due before we leave the dock 

  • Life happens and if you need to cancel or reschedule a trip call Captain Connor to discuss your options 

  • Captain Connor has the right to Cancel a trip and will reschedule if an unforeseen issue arises. Ex: Boat Issues, Family obligations, and weather.