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Fishing Report Weekend of 11/21

This weekend we saw a lot of surfcasters, with most throwing bunker chunks. The main fish caught this weekend was spiny dogfish. There were a few stripers mixed in on bunker but from the reports I heard you had a better chance at catching a bass if you switch over to a shad. Both reports came from south of the bridge and both were using a white shad. Remember to keep that shad around 5” and don’t go over 1 oz if you don’t have to.

As far as fishing went from me this weekend, I had a guide on Saturday morning where we set up along a jetty and threw bunker for 2 hours. All we had to show from it was some small dogfish hits and that was it. We saw no one else catching anything either. On Sunday I hit the beach from 3-5 pm and was throwing a 3/4oz Andrus bucktail with a white Kettle Creek Shad. About two feet above the bucktail I had a teaser. On the bucktail, I caught a 27” bass and on the teaser, I had a 17” bass. The tide was low but that didn’t matter because all of the beaches have nice deep cuts close in. I walked about a mile and within that mile had 6-7 quality spots to fish. As far as this fall run goes It has not been for the lack of trying or the lack of fishermen it has been more the lack of fish. With the last week of November upon us and fish still way to our north the fall run is not even close to being over. Be Patient and the fish will show up in good numbers.

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