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Fishing Report 10/12/23

Fishing Report: Yesterday matched up with the rest of the week’s reports. There were 2 togs and 3 kingfish weighed in for the classic. More reports of bass to the north of the island as well. I did get a report from a boater yesterday of a ton of bunker off the beach with small blues mixed in. The back bay has been producing some nice stripers, still mainly around sunrise and sunset. We need to see that the water temperature gets below 60 degrees for the stripers to become more active during the peak sunlight hours. Right now, it’s about 65-67 degrees depending on the tide.

Weather: The weather this weekend looks to have taken a turn for the better. We will still see rain Saturday into Sunday and possibly winds over 20 mph on Sunday morning. If you don’t mind some rain, get out and fish. Make the fishing reports, don’t read the fishing reports!

Sea Lice: The first week of October I saw some posts of stripers caught that mentioned that the stripers had Sea Lice on them. Sea lice are a parasite that attach themselves to fish in the ocean. When these fish enter the bay the sea lice fall off due to the lower salinity. Seeing sea lice on stripers early in the fall means that those fish were either spending a lot of time hanging out on the beachfront or that they were part of the fall migration. We do have a lot of residential stripers who don’t leave our bays all summer and become more active when the water starts to cool off. These will usually be the first stripers to be caught in the fall and aren’t part of the ones migrated down the coast.

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