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Big Bass to the North 10/11/23

The Ocean Temperature this morning is 65 degrees. Yesterday they were two tog weighed in for the fall classic and no stripers weighed in. Island Beach State Park (IBSP) had a couple of good reports yesterday. The biggest one reported was 49’’ caught on a bucktail by Jenni Ackerman. We see this every year where just to the north of LBI fishing is very good and consistent. These fish rarely come along LBI’s beaches. They tend to stay farther out, out of reach of the surfcasters. I believe it must do something with the way the island faces. IBSP faces north as LBI faces more northeast causing there to be a point at Barnegat inlet that pushes some of the fish out to sea. What effect this has on our fishing depends from year to year, the main factor is how much bait/ what type of bait we sea along LBI’s Beaches. The more bait equals more fish.

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