LBI Fishing Guide Services

For all guides about $15 worth of bait and tackle will be provided per person and is yours to keep once we are done fishing. If you need a rod I can provided one as well. Each guide is tailored to you, from beginners to experts I have you covered. In each guide I  show you the different rigs and bait for different fish, hows to "read" the beach and the different knots you should know. We can either fish the beach your familiar with or go to one of my spots on the island. Please feel free to call, text or email me if you have any question. 

1 Person

$50 for the first hour and $25 every hour after that.

This guide is the most personal where I will specially taylor the guide to your liking.

2-4 people

If you have a group larger than 4, a family looking for a fun day of fishing or a group of mainly kids ages 10+ please contact me for pricing options 

$40 per person for one hour and $10 person for every additional hour

 This is best for family or friends looking to enjoy a day of fishing where you can leave a lot of perp work up to me. Each person will get there own set of rigs and bait. 

Package Guide 1-3 people

 A 2 hour guide once a week

3 Weeks $200 Per Person

4 Weeks $250 Per Person

This is for anyone ages 10+ who is looking to sharpen all of their fishing skills. I will work with you once a week on a new skill for 2 hours. Some of the things that can be covered are the different types of rigs used for each type of fish you will be catching, how to chose a fishing spot, the different knots used, proper rod and reel care, how to properly handled different species of fish and how the weather and other factors can effect the fishing. 

Boat Buddy

$50 for the first hour $20 every additional hour

If you are a new boater to the southern half of L.B.I or can't seem to catch any fish on your boat this is for you. For this type of guide I will show you areas of the bay that are best for fluke, weakfish and stripers. If you are just looking to enjoy your new boat and don't want to worry about getting stuck I can also just show you around.