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Big Stripers all Around LBI

Near the end of this week LBI beaches saw the biggest bass so far this fall with multiple fish over 40 inches which were in the 25-40 pound range. There aren't a whole a lot of them around but if you put your time in you will have a good chance at landing one of these trophy's. The more consistant striper bit is during the night or at first light. During these times, stripers in the 20-30 inch range are in close to the beach looking for a meal. A small Dimond jig, SP minnow, or a small shad is what has been working best for these smaller fish. The main action is still to the north of us off of Seaside. There has been a very good bit out in the ocean which has put a lot of boater on fish in the 30-50 inch range. This fall striper run is just started to kick into full gear, so get out and put your time in off the beach. If you want to set up a guide or have any question, pease reach out to me.

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